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Magento ist eine Onlineshop-Software und wurde erstmals als Open-Source-E-Commerce-Plattform in der Version 1.0 am 31. März 2008 veröffentlicht. Von der gleichnamigen Firma Magento wird Magento unter Zuhilfenahme des Zend Frameworks produziert. Es ist die meistverwendete reine Onlineshop-Software. Lies mehr
Groenewold - new media e.K. - Entwicklung individueller Software, Shops, Homepages und Apps. Lies mehr
Entwicklung von Apps, Homepages und Shops Lies mehr
raum21 GmbH Internetagentur: Loesungen mit TYPO3 und Magento sowie Beratung zur Digitalisierung von mittelstaendischen und grossen Unternehmen. Lies mehr
While Magento users were cribbing and complaining about the complications they face in operating on the Magento 1x platform, Magento Developers were busy designing and creating better software for all e-commerce entrepreneurs and passionate developers. Lies mehr

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Do you want to stand out in your e-Commerce? Then, you are not to border any longer as Magento e-commerce computer software merely has you covered. This is open-sourced content material management software that is created especially for e-commerce website. Lies mehr
In digital marketing and advertising market there are plenty of approaches to develop a organization by optimizing its all round sales and revenue. Given that 1998 to onwards digital advertising and marketing has been an vital component of all enterprise and trades in the globe. Lies mehr
Wall fountains offer you an incredible way to add the unrivaled vision and sound of water to your home. They can be set up either inside or outside the residence to assist you to add this ideal touch of sophistication and style. Lies mehr




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