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"Earn like a baseball player this month"
So HRI provides the 4 things that make an opportunity real:

1. REVOLUTIONIZE an existing Industry with the strict rules of the Grandma test, and Crazy fast growth producing massive groups

2. CREATE a new industry with our unique Own-A-Bank product, and our reverse franchise type Territory product

3. FOCUS on distribution with $600 sales paying $1,500 commissions, and $4,000 sales paying $10,000

4. MASSIVE PROFITABILITY through the Time Leverage System, earn $10,000 to $50,000 in your first month

This program has such powerful leverage that 7 Minor League sales can earn you a “Quarter of a Million Dollars” ($250,000), and 7 Major League sales can earn you a cool “One Million Dollars” ($1,000,000).

As you can see, this is the MLM game changer of the decade.

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